The Umbrella Men

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Razor-sharp wit meets the stark reality of our era in The Umbrella Men, a novel that cuts through the noise to expose corporate greed, the hubris of bankers, contradictions of the clean energy economy and their unintended consequences on everyday people.

Meet Peter Mount, the tenacious self-made CEO of a London-based rare-earth mining empire, whose marriage and family fortunes are rocked by the bankruptcy of Royal Bank of Scotland and the repercussions of his own decisions.

Across the Atlantic in Oregon, Amy Tate and her league of local environmental crusaders unwittingly set off a chain reaction that threatens the green economy. How were they to know that their actions would be turbocharged by global powers, particularly the mighty hand of China? As the ripples reach the epicenters of power in New York and London, the fallout is nothing short of cataclysmic.

The Umbrella Men is a clever and gripping story of ambition, capitalism, and the unpredictable aftermath of our choices.

The Umbrella Men by Keith Carter


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