Cows Can’t Jump

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A romantic comedy of errors about breaking out, following your dreams, and finding a sense of purpose.

How far would you go for love?

18-year-old Billy Reed has few qualifications but is desperate to leave home. He's working a dead-end job as a gravedigger, his parent's marriage is falling apart, his Grandad's engaged to a woman half his age, and he's never been kissed. But when Billy meets Eva, an older, mysterious girl from Switzerland, things start to change.

Eva is all that Billy isn't: she's passionate about Russian literature, Gary Numan, windfarms and chai tea, and always ready for adventure. She makes Billy want to break out of his comfort zone and live his life to the fullest. But when Eva returns to Switzerland, Billy is heartbroken. He gambles everything for a chance to be with her: scrambling across Europe, hitchhiking with truckers, walking with refugees, and encountering suicidal cows. But the further he goes, the harder it is to be sure what he's chasing—and what he's running from.

Cows Can’t Jump by Philip Bowne


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