Death Drop

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A disturbing death with a backstory of secrets and shaming highlights some outdated attitudes within Aberdeen’s finest.

After past skirmishes with the police, local PI Maggie Laird is determined to steer clear, but her partner, Wilma Harcus, goes rogue. Not only does she have leads up her sleeve, but she has grandiose ideas to expand their PI agency into the realm of romance fraud and cybercrime. Then, troubled schoolchild Frankie Bain goes missing.

As the clock runs down, the two investigations collide. Was this the last, desperate act of a tortured mind or a calculated murder? And will Frankie Bain be found alive?

In this fifth Harcus and Laird novel, Claire MacLeary fashions a fast-paced, fresh and topical new adventure for her inimitable PI partnership.

Death Drop by Claire MacLeary


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