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When the body of Aberdeen socialite Annabel Imray is discovered at her home, the police are under pressure to come up with answers – and fast. The last thing they want is the distraction of a series of baffling break-ins.

The victims, all of them women, are terrorised: just how did the intruder know so much about them? Meanwhile, local PIs Maggie Laird and Wilma Harcus are at rock bottom, their bills mounting. As Maggie prepares to sell her home and contemplates dissolving the agency, Wilma goes off-piste to get a loan. But when the clock starts ticking on repayment, she realises the price is too high. And before long, Maggie herself is in grave danger. Wilma fears the worst. Can she find her before it’s too late?

Payback is the fourth thriller in the Harcus & Laird series.

Payback by Claire MacLeary


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