Aurora’s Gold

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Rory’s dredging operation in Alaska is on the brink of disaster. Ben, a former Navy diver, could be her salvation — and she can’t help falling for him. But time is running out, the danger is running high, and he has his own secrets…

A page-turning mystery suspense tells the story of a female underwater dredge miner who becomes obsessed with saving her family business from disaster.

On a sunny summer day, underwater dredge owner, Buck Darling, almost drowns in a gold diving accident in Nome, Alaska. His daughter, Aurora, must pick up the pieces and find a way to overcome financial ruin as the only woman dredge operator on the Bering Sea.

Forced to hire Ben, a mysterious former Navy diver, she suspects he may have a criminal background. As she uncovers the dark truth surrounding his past, she comes face-to-face with her burgeoning feelings for the man—and some in the small, isolated Alaska town aren’t happy about it.

Her digging unearths a painful truth about the legacy of her father: a legendary figure in Nome. For Aurora, another lie connected to her seemingly cursed family background pushes her over the edge. Driven by curiosity and a need for the truth, Aurora, with the aid of her best friend, is drawn deeper and deeper into the mystery.

But time is running out, the danger is running high, and getting on the gold may be her only salvation.

Aurora’s Gold by K.J. Gillenwater


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