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Shortlisted for The Contemporary Romantic Novel Award in the 2024 Romantic Novel Awards

'Every living thing must die. No one is disputing that. But the how and the when? Now that’s worth discussing.’

What if you could stay young forever? 

Ageing is not some natural process that should be accepted and respected. Far from it. Ageing is a plague and it needs to be cured.

Ben has no qualms about signing up for the Evergreens project, a controversial new trial. But are the promises of life without ageing too good to be true?

Sophie has no doubt that they are. And sixty-five years down the line, she gets the chance to find out.

With Ben in hospital, unresponsive and ageing rapidly before her very eyes, can Sophie uncover the dark secret at the heart of the Evergreens project – and save Ben’s life in the process?

'Heartbreakingly beautiful... so much more than a novelit’s a how-to guide for appreciating the preciousness of life in all its imperfect and transient beauty' Christina Dalcher, bestselling author of VOX

'A sweeping tale about what it is to be human; heartbreaking and affirming' Bethanys Bookshelf

Evergreens by Liam Brown


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