Zero (Story of My Life) by Tom Leveen

Zero (Story of My Life) by Tom Leveen

An e-book from Tom Leveen
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Coming of Age



Young Adult

Learn hundreds of foreign words and phrases!

Summer. Almost 18. Art, punk rock...and him.

After missing her best opportunity to attend a prestigious art school, 17-year-old Salvador Dali devotee Zero begins dating Mike, a drummer in an up-and-coming punk band. As their tentative relationship blooms, Zero confronts a ton of baggage holding her back from her art career: the majorly awkward drama with her former best friend, Jenn; her dad's excessive drinking and parents' ongoing fights; and one formerly successful art teacher who might just hold the keys to her future, or smash Z's hopes forever.

When Mike's band gets a chance of lifetime to bust out of black hole that is Metro Phoenix, Zero must make a life-altering decision and answer the one question we all face at some point in our lives:

Follow your own heart, or the heart of the one you love?