Your Brain, Explained by Marc Dingman

Your Brain, Explained by Marc Dingman

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Learn hundreds of foreign words and phrases!

Sleep. Memory. Pleasure. Fear. Language. We experience these things almost every day, but how do our brains create them?

Your Brain, Explained is a personal tour around your gray matter. Neuroscientist Marc Dingman gives you a crash course in what goes on in your brain and explains the latest research on the brain functions (and malfunctions) that affect you on a daily basis.

You’ll also discover what happens when these systems don’t work the way they should, causing problems such as insomnia, ADHD, depression or addiction, how neuroscience is working to fix these problems, and how you can build up your defences against the most common faults of the mind.

Along the way you’ll find out:

  • Why brain training games don’t prevent dementia (and what does)
  • What it’s like to remember every day of your life as if it were yesterday
  • Which mental ailment used to be treated with German rocket fuel
  • What triggers sleep loss, or lapses in concentration

Drawing on the author’s popular YouTube series, 2-minute Neuroscience, this is a friendly, engaging introduction to the human brain and its quirks from the perspective of a neuroscientist – using eye-opening illustrations and real-life examples. Your brain is yours to discover.