Witch of the Ware Woods - Flood & Fire by Sonja F. Blanco

Witch of the Ware Woods - Flood & Fire by Sonja F. Blanco

An e-book novella from Sonja F. Blanco
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Young Adult

Learn hundreds of foreign words and phrases!

Witch of Ware Woods – Flood & Fire, the series prequel where magic, love, destruction, and sacrifice combine in the spellbinding creation of Ware Woods.

When her search for the forbidden enrages a powerful force, death may be Ann’s only choice for salvation.

In 1720 Massachusetts, the safest place for a witch or a witch sympathizer is Ware Woods—a lush forest infused with magic. But when eighteen-year-old Ann attempts to heal the ache in her heart by seeking forbidden knowledge, she angers the parish magistrate—a dangerous man who abhors witches.

Now the whole forest and everyone in it is in danger—including Ann’s best friend, Kingsley, who loves her so fiercely he would die for her.

As heretical flood and flames descend upon Ware Woods, Ann finds what she seeks. But is her revelation powerful enough to save everyone she loves and the forest from destruction?