The Odyssey by Homer

The Odyssey by Homer

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Following the aftermath of the Trojan War, King Odysseus of Ithaca has every intent of returning home. Unfortunately, his actions and arrogance bring about the wrath of Athena and Poseidon, who disrupt his voyage home through a series of trials and tribulations, including devastating shipwrecks, yearslong captivity, and terrible monsters.

Odysseus' wife Penelope and son Telemachus, having already waited 10 years for the conclusion of the Trojan War, have no idea if Odysseus is alive or dead. Complicating matters are the hundred suitors of Penelope, who have all taken up residence in the palace.

The Odyssey, along with its companion work The Iliad, is arguably the most famous example of classical poetry in western literature. Its detailed portrayal of classical Greek themes offer a rare glimpse into a culture lost to time.