Swimming for Beginners by Nicola Gill

Swimming for Beginners by Nicola Gill

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Women's Literature

Learn hundreds of foreign words and phrases!

Swimming for Beginners will show you how a child can open your heart even if you aren’t a mother.

Loretta has her life under control. She’s chasing a big promotion, she’s marrying the “perfect man” and she has a flawless five-year plan.

This plan does not include children.

But when a complete stranger asks her to watch her six-year-old daughter in an airport and never returns, both their lives will be changed forever.

A little human in fairy wings and sparkly cowgirl boots will turn Loretta’s world upside down and maybe, just maybe, show her exactly what she’s missing.

Overflowing with humour and heartbreak, Nicola Gill takes us on a relatable journey of self-discovery through the power of a child’s love.