Story of My Life: A 3-Book Bundle by Tom Leveen

Story of My Life: A 3-Book Bundle by Tom Leveen

An e-book from Tom Leveen
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Coming of Age


Young Adult

Learn hundreds of foreign words and phrases!

This three-book bundle from acclaimed author Tom Leveen features three books from his Story of My Life series, including:


I'm the girl nobody knows until she commits suicide. Then suddenly everyone had a class with her. You know the one I mean. Tonight's the night. Everyone will be there. Will you?

Graduation in Santa Barbara, a house near the beach, and no parents! That can mean only one thing: PARTY! But not everyone's in a partying mood. Beckett is only going to confirm she is invisible after having spent two years caring for her mother; Morrigan seeks revenge on her ex- for having the gall to not sleep with her; Azize is trying to make a friend—any friend; and Anthony's ready to pop off on anyone who mentions his maimed, combat-veteran brother.

As the night quickly spirals out of control, eleven unique characters—all of whom are familiar to anyone who's been a high school student—crash, collide, and recombine in ways none of them saw coming when a violently brutal hate crime brings the celebration to a halt.

Graduation is a time of change. But after tonight, no one will ever be the same.

Award-winning YA author Tom Leveen releases a special edition of his debut novel, in which a group very different teens converge on the biggest party of the year. Told in only eleven chapters, with each character allowed only one chance to tell their version of events, this special edition includes never-before-seen chapters, behind the scenes notes, and a new afterword by the author.


Summer. Almost 18. Art, punk rock...and him.

After missing her best opportunity to attend a prestigious art school, 17-year-old Salvador Dali devotee Zero begins dating Mike, a drummer in an up-and-coming punk band. As their tentative relationship blooms, Zero confronts a ton of baggage holding her back from her art career: the majorly awkward drama with her former best friend, Jenn; her dad's excessive drinking and parents' ongoing fights; and one formerly successful art teacher who might just hold the keys to her future, or smash Z's hopes forever.

When Mike's band gets a chance of lifetime to bust out of black hole that is Metro Phoenix, Zero must make a life-altering decision and answer the one question we all face at some point in our lives:

Follow your own heart, or the heart of the one you love?


She's not what he thinks. He's not what she needs.

In stunningly raw, relatable prose that upends the idea of the manic pixie dream girl trope, Tom Leveen does more than just talk: he tells the story of a less-than-perfect "dream girl" and the equally flawed boy who worships her.

Tyler has been crushing on Becky since he started high school, but didn't get the guts to talk to her until long after he already found himself dating Sydney, a quintessential good girl whose patience for Tyler's unrequited love is thinning. After publishing a story about Becky in a prestigious magazine, Tyler decides tonight -- halfway through their senior year -- he's going to come clean to Becky, with whom he has become good friends. But "Open For Business Becca" has some not-so-secret secrets Tyler's been denying, and there's no way Tyler's dream girl can ever be what he needs her to be. Instead, he just might discover how far he's willing to go to break his own heart.