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Learn 350+ words in 15 languages!

What starts out as a regular business trip morphs quickly into an epic survival story, eventually cascading into a struggle against the supernatural by a small group ill-equipped to fight it.


Learn 350+ words in 15 languages!

Explore science, love, and what it means to be alive through the perspective of one of literature's most famous monsters—as well as its creator.

The Call of Cthulhu and Other Short Stories

Learn 450+ words in 15 languages!

Spawning a horror sub-genre bearing his namesake, H. P. Lovecraft turned contemporary horror fiction on its many-tentacled, popularizing contemporary horror tropes in science fiction, spirituality, and alternate histories.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Learn 250+ words in 15 languages!

A London lawyer investigates the unusual circumstances surrounding the mysteriously sinister Mr. Hyde, and his proximity to the renowned Dr. Jekyll.

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Prismatext™ Blended Classics bring language learning to literary mainstays. Study Spanish while whittling away at Don Quixote, or brush up on German as Holmes and Watson dust for clues. Learn hundreds of words and phrases in a new language with one book!

A portion of all proceeds go towards the maintenance of the open-source projects that make these books possible.

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Amanda M.
United States United States
A wonderful concept

I'm loving this so far- definitely helping with vocabulary retention for Polish. In the beginning it's a little distracting, and in had to reread portions after getting the translation, but eventually it becomes normal. Especially so as you start to learn and memorize the words. There are some mis-translations here and there that I've noticed- i.e translating the wrong definition of a word- but it's a minor problem. Occasionally there's entire phrases that are translated, and can seem a little silly because I don't know why I'd know a weird English saying in Polish. I do also wish there was an easier way to clear the screen of the translation. When I'm reading and want to close the translation I'll tap elsewhere on the screen- but 90% of the time I wind up just accidentally opening another one. This can get frustrating when I'm at the bottom of the page and futzing around trying to just read the last sentence or two. Those are the only downsides, and they're minor. I'd recommend this completely for language learners of all levels. If just beginning it's great, if just trying to maintain, also perfect. I'm high level beginner in Polish, and it's helping definitely.

Prismatext Spooky Scary Monster Bundle Review
Rosa F.
United States United States
So glad I tried this! Perfect companion to improve my French.

I'm very impressed with the books, the content, and way the words are woven into then sentences then repeated and reinforced. I'm excited to read through this bundle (I've started with Dracula), and I'm looking forward to more content. I am so happy that I took a chance and tried out this learning method. I believe this company will continue to grow and do great things with this reading-style learning.