Rubble of Rubles by Josip Novakovich

Rubble of Rubles by Josip Novakovich

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From Man Booker International Prize finalist Josip Novakovich comes a satiric novel with teeth—a tale of Russia in the early aughts, perfect for fans of Dostoevsky and Gary Shteyngart.

In this picaresque novel set in the early 2000s, David, an investment banker with Eastern European roots, goes bankrupt from the Enron fiasco, and moves to Russia to do some soul-searching. In the shadow of the Khazan cathedral, he’s arrested for the murder of two Georgian wine-importers. David is imprisoned at Kresty, bewildered and alone. One day, Putin himself visits, with a modest proposal for David: to travel to Georgia and slip plutonium into the president’s wine. This is the price of freedom: to assassinate a president.

Told with Josip Novakovich's signature skill and satiric wit, Rubble of Rubles delves into the absurdity and menace of totalitarianism. At the crossroads of literary fiction, satire, and crime, this is a novel for modern fans of Notes from Underground and Absurdistan.