Rock Bottom and Rising by Simon Chapple

Rock Bottom and Rising by Simon Chapple

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Gold Medal Winner in Addiction Recovery, 2023 Nautilus Book Awards

Building on the success of his books THE SOBER SURVIVAL GUIDE and HOW TO QUIT ALCOHOL IN 50 DAYS, Simon Chapple has brought the lived experience of some of his 35k-strong community members to life in this new book. The real, raw, relatable stories from individuals who’ve found joy in an alcohol-free life will make a real impact on anyone who is exploring their relationship with alcohol, or who needs support, inspiration, or a reason to go sober. Some of these stories are shocking, some are moving, some will make you cringe and others will make you laugh out loud; all are inspiring and powerfully motivating. The hope is that readers will see their own lives reflected in these incredible narratives, and find the courage to take a step forward into a new life. With full commentary from the author alongside each chapter, to provide an easy understanding of the takeaways from each story, the book also includes a list of resources--from podcasts to apps and more--to further help you on your journey to sober joy.