Ripples in the Chalice by Adam Copeland

Ripples in the Chalice by Adam Copeland

An e-book from Adam Copeland
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The Holy Grail is found! Sir Patrick, the Irish knight who brought the cup to Greensprings on the Isle of Avalon, never intended for it to stay there. He had only wished to save his love from the clutches of death with its miraculous abilities. Now, Roman Church officials, politically ambitious nobility, and ancient supernatural creatures fight to lay claim to it. In the resulting battle, it is not enough to be strong—one must also be ruthless. To live with the consequences of his act, Sir Patrick assumes the burden of leadership to protect his comrades and the woman he loves. But in his struggles to set matters aright, he risks losing that love forever. Patrick must grow stronger in body and soul to keep the chalice out of the wrong hands, and to keep his world intact.