Retribution by Dani Hoots (City of Kaus: Book 2)

Retribution by Dani Hoots (City of Kaus: Book 2)

An e-book from Dani Hoots
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Science Fiction

Learn hundreds of foreign words and phrases!

A swashbuckling LGBTQ+ Sci-fi Western you don’t want to miss!

After the attack on Zynon, our beloved group is on the run. They all know that Byron will kill them the moment he finds them. With nowhere to hide, as Byron has spies everywhere, Gabe has decided to come out and tell everyone the truth of who he is—the son of the Silurian monarch.

Knowing it is the only place they can be safe, Ellie, Zach, Cor, and Gabe head down into the underwater capital of the Silurian Zone. But will this place be safe from Byron? Or is Gabe blind to how far his people will go to bring his demise?