Prismatext Gift Card

$15.00 eBook

A gift card is the perfect way to share Prismatext books with the budding linguist in your life!

The recipient will be able to redeem their books all at once, or one at a time over the course of the card's balance. They can mix-and-match titles, languages, difficulties…you name it! The ever-expanding bookshelf is their oyster.

And you? You'll be known for giving awesome gifts. If you had a cap, we'd put a feather in it.

What format do I need?

If you have a Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Oasis (not app), use MOBI. For all other devices, including iOS and Android, use EPUB.

For instructions on using either format, please visit this page.

THIS PRODUCT IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. Please note that there is no physical item associated with this purchase. Because of the nature of the product, all sales are final. Be sure to try the demo or contact support for any questions or concerns.

About Prismatext e-Books

Prismatext™ Blended Classics bring language learning to literary mainstays. Study Spanish while whittling away at Don Quixote, or brush up on German as Holmes and Watson dust for clues. Learn hundreds of words and phrases in a new language with one book!

A portion of all proceeds go towards the maintenance of the open-source projects that make these books possible.