PANIC by Tom Leveen

PANIC by Tom Leveen

An e-book from Tom Leveen
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Young Adult

Learn hundreds of foreign words and phrases!

Her only way out is with the boy who will turn on her . . .

In the middle of a sudden epidemic that deforms its victims and creates bloodthirsty hunters of everyday people, high school senior Laura Fitzgerald becomes trapped in a classroom with a freshman boy she's never met . . . and who has suffered a bite from one of the infected students.

The day started normally enough, with her ex-boyfriend, Brian, ditching class with his friends while Laura stayed on campus and tried to control her frequent panic attacks. But today was going to special: today she was going to tell Brian that she'd been slowly reducing her medication and learning to control her panic naturally.

Then all hell breaks loose in the school gym. Kids turn into grotesque beasts who feel no pain, maiming and killing the uninfected. Laura fights her way to a classroom with another student, who reveals that he's been bitten by one of the sick kids . . . and he doesn't feel well. With both their lives on the line, Laura must fight the overwhelming symptoms of her panic disorder to get him medical attention and both of them to safety, not knowing if anyone is coming to save them. Ever.