Now You Don’t (The Eldritch Novels) by Tom Leveen

Now You Don’t (The Eldritch Novels) by Tom Leveen

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Now you see him...

Jim never thought of himself as the hero type. When his girlfriend and her daughter are targeted by a disfigured assailant who's been popping the eyes out of his victims, Jim becomes the only person with a chance to save them.

The first victim is Jim's best friend Travis, who is attacked and blinded in his home and overpowered by the grisly intruder. Travis's elderly father is assaulted next, then his mother. That leaves Travis's only living relatives: his daughter Darla, and his ex-wife, who police assume are targeted as the next victims. Jim quickly agrees to protect them as best he can, neglecting to tell his buddy that he and Travis's ex- already have a relationship on the side, and that Jim is beginning to love Darla like his own kid.

As police race to find and stop the assailant, Jim discovers it's far too late: someone's lying in wait, and what he—or they—want is the last thing Jim could ever have expected . . .

…now you don’t.