John Carter of Mars Book Bundle

John Carter of Mars Book Bundle

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Science Fiction

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A collection of the first three John Carter of Mars books.

This bundle includes:

A Princess of Mars

A Princess of Mars is Edgar Rice Burrough's first installment of the Barsoom series, which introduced science fiction action hero John Carter. Its lasting inspirational impact can be seen across fiction and nonfiction writing alike, with creators and authors ranging from Ray Bradbury to Carl Sagan alike.

In A Princess of Mars, American Civil War veteran John Carter is mysteriously transported to Mars while being pursued through the American Southwest. Due to his enhanced physical prowess on the surface of a lower gravity, he ascends to near-demigod status and becomes a key figure in the political and martial maneuvers of his hosts.

The Gods of Mars

John Carter returns to Mars (Barsoom, to readers) after being away for a decade. But complications to his arrival begin immediately, as his point of entry is the physical location of the afterlife for all Barsoomians. What's more is that John Carter finds the planet in constant conflict, with warring factions and stupendous beasts imperiling the lives of Carter and the Barsoomians alike.

The second installment of Burrough's Barsoom series finds John Carter less disoriented than his first arrival, but no less embroiled in conflicts that keep him separated from his Barsoom wife and son.

The Warlord of Mars

Burrough's third installment of the Barsoom series picks up after the abrupt ending of The Gods of Mars, wherein John Carter's wife is imprisoned in a time-locked cell. With a major battle over and an entire religion destroyed, John Carter must seek keepers of hidden knowledge in order to free his wife.