Hitler's Valkyrie by David R. L. Litchfield

Hitler's Valkyrie by David R. L. Litchfield

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The first biography to reveal the full, intimate details of Unity Valkyrie Mitford's remarkable relationship with Adolf Hitler.

The remarkable and much-loved Mitford family has remained largely unrepentant concerning theirs and particularly Unity's enthusiastic support of Hitler, the Nazis, Oswald Mosley, and British fascism. But having initially encouraged and supported Unity's affair with Hitler, they subsequently insisted that she had in fact been a rather unintelligent, clumsy lump of a girl, whose virginal relationship with one of the most terrifying dictators of all time was a mere unrequited, romantic obsession. As this book will show, nothing could be further from the truth. Following further research and re-examination of the family's, friends', and journalists' often contradictory evidence, plus new information supplied by the author's own family and friends, readers will find that while Unity was, like Hitler, an extreme fantasist, there was in fact little of the juvenile romantic about her, and that she was, on the contrary, highly intelligent, free-spirited, and athletic. She was also the only Englishwoman who came close to being capable of changing the course of World War II.