Hercule Poirot Short Story Bundle

Hercule Poirot Short Story Bundle

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Short Story Collection

Learn hundreds of foreign words and phrases!

This 4-pack bundle showcases four of Agatha Christie's greatest short stories in detective fiction.

This bundle includes:

The Missing Will

Hercule Poirot returns in this short story from Agatha Christie, in which a woman named Violet must abide by the terms her uncle has set for her in his will. In order to claim her inheritance, she must spend a month at hi estate and "prove her wits." But as her stay lengthens, a mystery emerges: is this all there is, or did Violet's uncle leave behind something else?

The Plymouth Express Affair

A case on a train begins with a corpse in a carriage. Poirot's mysteries are never easily solved, and this one is no exception: the crime scene is always moving! The stakes are raised yet again when the deceased is identified as the daughter of an Australian mining magnate. The woman's own will complicates things further, as everything she owned is left to her estranged husband, a gambling addict.

The Hunter's Lodge Case

Poirot is on the case once again! After a brief interlude at a London nightclub, Hercule Poirot joins his friend Roger Havering to find his uncle's murderer. Havering, himself a blueblood and well-to-do, leads the detective to his hunting lodge in Derbyshire. There, Poirot must navigate unfamiliar surroundings to solve the case, though the danger is not entirely gone just yet.

The Kidnapped Prime Minister

Near the end of the First World War, Hercule Poirot is alerted to an assassination attempt on the English Prime Minister. Very shortly thereafter, Poirot receives news of the Prime Minister's kidnapping, and is subsequently enlisted to help find the missing head of state.

Across the English countryside and into northern France, Poirot must work quickly to locate his quarry. It's not just his life that depends on it, but the fate of the world, too.