Future Rising by Andrew Maynard

Future Rising by Andrew Maynard

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A scientist offers compelling visions and potential pitfalls of the future—in "a journey through time, space, and the human experience" (Dr. Tanya Harrison, coauthor of For All Humankind).

Humanity has gained the ability not only to imagine the future, but to design and engineer it. At times entertaining, and at others profound, Future Rising provides an original perspective on our relationship with the future.

As a species, we've become talented architects of our future—yet we often struggle to come to terms with what this means. As innovation and rapidly shifting norms and expectations drive our world at breakneck speed, we sometimes need to find a still, quiet place to pause and think. Future Rising creates such a place, where we can take advantage of our species' knowledge of world history and the importance of science to piece together a positive future.

To create a good future, we must rediscover the past. Our relationship with the future is inextricably intertwined with where we've come from, who we are, and what we aspire to. Future Rising starts at the beginning of all things with the Big Bang and traces a pathway along the emergence of intelligent life, through what makes humans uniquely capable of imagining and creating different futures. In a series of sixty short reflections, Andrew Maynard, a former physicist and nationally recognized expert in technology and society, will take you on a journey into:

  • What "the future" actually is
  • How it molds and guides our lives
  • How we can use the history of the world to change our future

"A thoughtful and thought-provoking response to the moment we're in, chronicling how we got here, where we're going, and what role we have in that journey." —Ramona Pringle, Director of Creative Innovation Studio and Associate Professor, Ryerson University