Everyday Sociopaths by Jane McGregor

Everyday Sociopaths by Jane McGregor

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‘Offers answers, healing and game-changing new insights’ Jackson MacKenzie

If you’re in a relationship where you’re always in the wrong, and constantly being criticised, the chances are you’re with a sociopath – someone without a conscience, whose personality shows extreme antisocial tendencies.

Now substantially updated with shocking new statistics and compelling case studies, this book is designed to help you identify the sociopath destroying your happiness, and it gives you the tools you need to protect yourself against these arch-manipulators. It will help you to see their behaviour for what it really is, understand the way they interact with others, and extract yourself from a destructive relationship – whatever its nature. You will regain control of your life for good, and become a survivor; a stronger person.

More than just a practical guide, Everyday Sociopaths sends out a call to all of us, not only to identify and call out the sociopaths in our midst, but also to contribute to a culture where empathy exists as a prized virtue with the potential to transform society at every level.