Entangled by Dani Hoots (Book 3 of the Daughter of Hades Series)

Entangled by Dani Hoots (Book 3 of the Daughter of Hades Series)

An e-book from Dani Hoots
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Young Adult

Learn hundreds of foreign words and phrases!

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Fall deep into the Underworld with this Amazon Best Selling YA Fantasy Series!

Be swept off your feet by this fresh take of Greek gods, goddesses, and demigods as they travel through the Underworld and into the streets of London!

Two weeks remain until Chrys, the daughter of Hades, is forced to marry Zeus.

Huntley knows time is running out to save Chrys from the marriage, and everything is riding on the mysterious box Hades has given Prometheus. Now all they have to do is sneak into Olympus, find Chrys, and convince Zeus she is already married to Prometheus. Easy as that.

The problem is, Chrys has no knowledge of the plan. She feels all alone in a new world, surrounded by gods who are selfish and out to get her. Will she be able to last long enough for Huntley and the others to find her? Or will she take matters into her own hands?

Fans of Lore Olympus, Percy Jackson, and The Faerie Games will enjoy!

Daughter of Hades Series:
Book 1: Endangered
Book 2: Engaged
Book 3: Entangled
Book 4: Enchanted

Cover artist: Biserka Designs