The Eldritch Novels: A 3-Book Bundle by Tom Leveen

The Eldritch Novels: A 3-Book Bundle by Tom Leveen

An e-book from Tom Leveen
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Learn hundreds of foreign words and phrases!

This three-book bundle from acclaimed author Tom Leveen features three books from his Eldritch Novel series, including:


Friends. Family. Monsters. Urban legends of a murderous figure called Springheel Jack date back to the 19th century. What 16-year-old Baylee is about to learn is that “he” is most certainly for real…and not alone. Baylee and her older brother Elijah are orphans, their parents brutally murdered in what appears to be a random act of violence along an empty Nevada highway. Living now in another state with friends of the family they hardly know, the two teens do their best to build new friendships: shy Elijah with a small and loyal group of gamers, and quiet Baylee with exactly one tomboy skater friend, Krista…plus a strikingly beautiful and kind boyfriend Baylee won't tell anyone about. When Elijah suddenly gets his first girlfriend and Krista is picked up by a new boyfriend, both of them cease talking to Baylee. Determined to prove the two new kids are bad somehow, maybe even criminal, Baylee follows them out to the desert one night, and finds her worst fears are nothing compared to the bloody, gruesome truth. And her secret beau is right at the center of it…As Elijah slowly turns into something dangerous and otherworldly and Baylee's adoptive family moves to put her into a psychiatric health facility after she tells the truth about what she knows, Baylee turns to the only people who might be able to Elijah human again: her brother's nerdy RPG gamer friends.

Those We Bury Back

Braden's parents should have been imprisoned for the abuses they perpetrated on him as a child. But that's the past, and Braden's moved on. Wife, kid, nominal success as a novelist—and no contact with his parents for years. The two of them have moved out of state, and Braden is secure with his own family in a new home. Several years of therapy have helped, too. Pushing forty, life is at last treating Braden well.

Then a box of his books is accidentally—and mysteriously—delivered to his childhood home. Ignoring his own best judgment, Braden swings by the old place with his three-year-old, Josiah, to pick up the box. In and out, super fast, no big deal.

The house has other ideas.

Apparently infected somehow by the traumas his parents put him through, the house traps Braden and Josiah with its lone occupant. It begins turning Braden's long buried memories into corporeal horrors that threaten not only his fragile, still-recovering psyche, but the childhood of his only son. As Josiah begins to age before his father's eyes and inanimate objects take on lives of their own, Braden struggles to uncover what exactly the house wants from him.

Or if it is, in fact, the house that's haunted.

Now You Don't

Now you see him...

Jim never thought of himself as the hero type. When his girlfriend and her daughter are targeted by a disfigured assailant who's been popping the eyes out of his victims, Jim becomes the only person with a chance to save them.

The first victim is Jim's best friend Travis, who is attacked and blinded in his home and overpowered by the grisly intruder. Travis's elderly father is assaulted next, then his mother. That leaves Travis's only living relatives: his daughter Darla, and his ex-wife, who police assume are targeted as the next victims. Jim quickly agrees to protect them as best he can, neglecting to tell his buddy that he and Travis's ex- already have a relationship on the side, and that Jim is beginning to love Darla like his own kid.

As police race to find and stop the assailant, Jim discovers it's far too late: someone's lying in wait, and what he—or they—want is the last thing Jim could ever have expected . . .

…now you don't.