Alice in Wonderland Book Bundle

Alice in Wonderland Book Bundle

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Learn hundreds of foreign words and phrases!

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

On a warm sunny day, Alice is resting on a riverside with her sister when she catches sight of a White Rabbit. She shortly follows and ends up falling down a rabbit hole.

The adventures commence by Alice repeatedly meeting peculiar creatures varying from a perpetually grinning Cheshire Cat, a tiny and ill-mannered Mad Hatter, to a tyrannical Queen of Hearts. The young girl, being innately curious, finds herself in perilous circumstances amongst the creatures in Wonderland.

Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland is a fun and magical tale that teaches us the importance of knowing ourselves, and the joy of living a life filled with dreams.

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass is Carroll's sequel to the first book in the Wonderland series, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. In fact, the sequel reached a far greater audience upon publication, and its fame helped stoke the flames of appreciation for the original.

Alice, having followed a kitten through a mirror, again finds herself in Wonderland. As she bears witness to the rule of opposites, un-birthdays, and chess LARPers, the sense and purpose of this illogical world become clearer…in reverse. Does this make any sense? No? Exactly.

Carroll’s manic, magic dream circles back once again to enthrall us all.