A Tribe Of Kassia by Tom Leveen

A Tribe Of Kassia by Tom Leveen

An e-book from Tom Leveen
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Sword & Sorcery

Learn hundreds of foreign words and phrases!

For family. For vengeance.

Tanin, a desert elf who's grown up in a peaceful desert enclave, is the only member of his clan not killed when White Riders ravage his town. They take few prisoners, but one of them is his betrothed, Memine.

Orrock of Guar has become a monk, taken in by a race of creatures not his own for the past ten years. With his training complete, he is sent back into the world to discover his creator's will for his life . . . never anticipating that he would be challenged to revert to his former barbaric nature to serve his god.

Despite crippling panic attacks after seeing the carnage back home, Tanin swears to track down the White Riders and rescue Memine. With Orrock's help and the aid of two other odd companions, he may stand a chance of finding the Riders somewhere in the wilds of Kassia . . . if his guide is truly leading the way . . .