EPUB? MOBI? What format do I need?

You'll want MOBI for your Kindle devices, and EPUB for everything else.

IMPORTANT: Kindle applications will also accept MOBI, but the footnote experience is cumbersome.

I’m brand new to [language]. Are Prismatext™ books a good way for me to study?

Absolutely! Prismatext books are the perfect way for beginners (A1/A2) to study vocabulary. They are also effective for intermediate learners (B1/B2) looking to brush up.

Additionally, the blended language technique* is effective for memory retention. Several academic studies have verified its efficacy:

The Effect of Teaching Vocabulary through the Diglot–Weave Technique on Vocabulary Learning of Iranian High School Students (Azadeh Nemati & Ensieh Maleki)

Communicative Language-Teaching through Sandwich Stories for EFL Children in China (Yuhua Ji)

A Comparison of Using Diglot Weave Technique and Student Team Achievement Division on Student Vocabulary Achievement (Caroline V Katemba & Nur Ayu Sitompul)

* In academic circles, this is also known as the “diglot weave” technique, a term first coined by Robert Blair

How are Prismatext books different from other dual-language books?

Prismatext books use inline translations, rather than being adjacent. One sentence may contain both the source language and its target language. In certain circles, books like this are known as “sandwich stories,” but until now they’ve been associated (mostly) with children’s books.

Do Prismatext books account for the grammar of the target language?

They sure do! Right now, gendered nouns, singular and plural states, and descriptors (adjectives, quantities, determiners, etc.) are our areas of focus.

As we improve our process and introduce more languages, you’ll start seeing direct/indirect object relationships, conjugations, cases, particles, and more.

The best part? When you buy a book, you are also subscribing to updates and improvements to it for life.

Are the translated words chosen at random?

Nope! The Prismatext translation process follows some very strict rules, including rate of introduction and grammatical filters, and it uses a proprietary process to identify the words that will be the most useful to learners.

Is 250 foreign words too many for one book? That seems overwhelming.

Each Prismatext book introduces new words gradually. New translations appear as old ones become more familiar. You’ll never be swimming in dozens of unknown translations at once.

And here's a little secret: each book contains hundreds more than 250 translated words, but those are just the ones on which we focus extra hard. We want to be able to show those words off in a variety of iterations and phrases, so you could very well push 500 unique words with each book!