Add EPUBs to an iOS/Android phone or tablet

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EPUBs are the most versatile ebook format out there! They're supported by a number of big-name e-readers and platforms, including Apple and Google. Plus, as it's an open-source format, there are tons of third party e-readers on every platform imaginable.

When you receive an EPUB, there are a number of ways you can read it, including:

  • Downloading the EPUB directly to your device (be sure to "Open with" and not "Copy to" when prompted)
  • Emailing yourself the EPUB at an address you can check on your device
  • Using Bluetooth file sharing (Android) or Apple’s Airdrop (requires both devices to be Apple)
  • Using iCloud, Dropbox, or another cloud storage service to store your EPUB and accessing it from your device

Apps for reading on your phone/tablet:

Regardless of your platform, the provided EPUB format will work across most e-reader applications. Prismatext recommends:

  • Apple Books (iOS)
  • Google Play Books
  • Kobo Books (Zak's favorite!)

IMPORTANT! Kindle applications hosted on other platforms (iOS, Android, etc.) have a terrible footnote experience, and the problem doesn’t seem to be limited to Prismatext books. We do not recommend using Kindle applications on other platforms. Kindle devices, however, are delightful.

Apps for reading on your computer:

There are a number of open-source options for reading your book on your computer. Most of them work across platforms, too! Prismatext recommends:

Additionally, you can read EPUBs directly from your browser with a browser extension (keep in mind that the footnotes appear together on a page, rather than in a popup):