H. G. Wells Book Bundle


Co-father of the science fiction genre (alongside Jules Verne), Wells’ fiction blurs the boundary between observation and speculation.

The Invisible Man

Learn 300+ words!

The arrival of a mysterious, reclusive traveler to a small village raises as many questions as eyebrows. The bandages wrapping his face and hands—what do they hide? Why does he demand solitude? And what of the mysterious burglaries since his arrival?

The Time Machine

Learn 250+ words!

One of the earliest stories to use time travel as a plot device, Well’s sci-fi classic sees a world hundreds of thousands of years into the future. But instead of a technological utopia, our protagonist finds himself in life-or-death situations in a primitive world.

War of the Worlds

Learn 450+ words!

An early sci-fi icon where a Martian invasion shows the evils of imperialism and begs the question: what does it mean to truly live?

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